Hernia Center of Excellence

Hernia Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence Seal St. Luke’s Hospital – Quakertown Campus is designated as a Center of Excellence in Hernia Surgery™ (COEHS) by Surgical Review Corporation and Emanuel Nogueira, M.D. has earned the Surgeon of Excellence in Hernia Surgery™ (SOEHS) designation.  St. Luke’s Quakertown and Dr. Nogueira are the first and only Center of Excellence in Hernia Surgery designees in Pennsylvania.

Emanuel Nogueira, M.D. 

Emanuel Nogueira, M.D.

Earning these designations signifies St. Luke’s Quakertown’s ability to consistently deliver the safest, highest-quality care to hernia surgery patients.   The COEHS program fosters quality improvement in hernia surgery, and participation in the program focuses our team on exceeding clinical benchmarks and guidelines.  Most importantly, our commitment to excellence improves the health and well-being of our patients.

Hernia patients treated at Centers of Excellence and/or by Surgeons of Excellence indicate*:

  • Decreased length of hospital stay
  • Reduced complications
  • Improved outcomes
  • Cost savings
  • Increased patient satisfaction

*according to Surgical Review Corporation

The Hernia Center at St. Luke’s Hospital – Quakertown Campus promotes patient-centered care for all types of hernia from simple to extremely complex.  Minimally invasive surgery is the preferred approach whenever possible, resulting in smaller scars and faster recuperation.

For more information, contact Upper Bucks Surgical Group, 1021 Park Avenue, Suite 100B, Quakertown, PA, 18951, 215-538-4852.

About Surgical Review Corporation:

Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) is an independent, nonprofit organization governed by industry stakeholders and dedicated to advancing the safety, efficacy and efficiency of surgical care worldwide.  For more information, visit www.surgicalreview.org.

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